Build your own fly trap

The other day, there were some fruit flies hanging around the bin. There were a lot of them – some would say too many – but spending $3 on some sort of fly trap and wasting time going to the shop was not on my gender. So I crafted a trap using nothing but my wits and my bare hands (and also some other things too).

Then I thought, hey, you know who needs to hear about this?

The internets, that’s who. I bet there are plenty of guys spending $3 and about 5 minutes of their time buying insect traps, when you can make one yourself with only $4 worth of material and about 20 minutes.

How to make your own fly trap

1. To begin, you’ll need an empty 1.25L bottle, some scissors, maybe a knife, some

What you need

What you need

honey, and maybe some oil.

2. Take the 1.25L plastic bottle and cut around just below the neck using the knife and the scissors. You should now have an open cylinder and a curved cone shape of plastic.

3. Turn the top of the bottle upside down and insert it into the bottom half of the bottle. You might have to do some trimming

to make it fit. You now have your basic trap.

Once everything fits nicely, put about 1cm of water in the

Cut the bottle in half

Cut the bottle in half

bottle and stir in some red wine or red wine vinegar or honey or anything that you think

would attract flies but won’t smell too terrible. You can also oil the surface of your

trap so the bugs slide into the bottle more quickly (but this might not really change anything). Here’s what your finished product will look like.

Now you’re all ready. Just sit back and let the flies meet their doom, and think about all the idiots who went to the shop and

The finished product

The finished product

let the fat cats take their money from their greasy outstretched palms. Patent pending.


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