Facebook groups for buskers…

I just found these facebook groups for Brisbane buskers. They both seem to have been created by people other than the person they’re about, and seem to have a somewhat similar vibe to their subject as people’s attitude towards buskers in general – ‘Hey, there’s that guy. He’s kinda cool, but I probably won’t spend too much time listening to him and I don’t know if I’ll give him any money.’

Also reading the comments is quite entertaining, as you gradually build up a picture of someone who stands on a street corner from the perspective of hundreds of different people who pass by. Regarding the steel drum guy, some people think that he is rich and has multiple wives, some people think he drives a prado, some people thinks he gets angry if you only give him a small amount of spare change and he will throw your change down the street, and some people think he is very tolerant. Apparently he hosts parties on the equinox every year, and has a phobia of outdoor furniture. If you mention that his steel drums sound like the song ‘Under the Sea’ he might kill you and get really mad. He can play the super mario theme song on request. It just keeps going…

As of Wednesday the 10th of February, the facebook group for “The guy playing steel drums outside the casino” has 8338 members, and the group for the “Blind Saxaphone Guy in the City” [sic] has 2 members.

Extra extra!

The other day I walked past both the steel drum guy and the blind saxophone guy. Both seemed to be making noise, but not really playing anything. I wondered what would happen if you asked the steel drum guy if he had multiple wives and owned a Prado, and then told him that his music sounded like the song “Under the Sea” and then put five cents into his money collection device. But I didn’t have the guts to do it – not because I’m a wimp, but because I don’t want to ruin fantasy by injected it with facts and reality (and I didn’t want him to shout at me).

On the 23rd of February 2010, “The guy playing steel drums outside the casino” had 8,636 members (increase of 298 member, +3.6%), and the group for the “Blind Saxaphone Guy in the City” [still sic] has 4 members (increase of 2 members, +100%). New rumours about the guy playing steel drums include: he gets angry if you try and take his photo, he won’t play ‘Buffalo Soldier’ by Bob Marley if you offer him $5 and will respond with “I don’t need your money”, he does his grocery shopping at Aldi (with at least one wife and one child),  that he is friends with someone’s dad, and that he once got a high school choir to accompany him for a CD recording.


4 thoughts on “Facebook groups for buskers…

    • no way should that information ever be released – it would completely destroy the mystique (because there’s so much mystique which has the potential to be destroyed…).

      but that is interesting…

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