Huntsville Rapist – News Article and Rap

Kevin Antoine Dodson is a Huntsville, Alabama resident recently interviewed by NBC affiliate WAFF-48 News in a news clip about the local police searching for a man who broke into the Dodsons’ home and then tried to assault one of his sisters in bed.”

The video news clip is good, but the remix is better. After watching the two videos below, check out the Wikipedia article, and the clothing label (well, not really, but, you know…), and the online costume shop, and Antoine’s personal website for more information. It’s interesting to see how this guy’s original hilarious video has been made more hilarious, and then how he’s capitalised on the fame to launch his own website and additional spin-off money gathering activites. It’s so schick it almost looks like he’s hired a PR manager to guide him profitably through his 15 minutes of fame – for example, after his video got remixed Antoine was on The Today Show, and the song has charted at 89 on the US Billboard Hot 100 (with Antoine splitting the profits down the middle with The Gregory Brothers – the guys who did the remix).


3 thoughts on “Huntsville Rapist – News Article and Rap

    • I thought the intruder didn’t actually rape anyone, they just tried to but then ran away. I thought maybe this made it ok to laugh, but maybe I was wrong… but I laughed anyway. The bit I find most interesting is how the brother of the victim got more airtime on the news, and then after the remix has since been on The Today Show, and the song has charted at 89 on the US Billboard Hot 100.

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