Who are you and why are you reading this blog?

So, I don’t often post things on this so-called ‘blog’, and often it’s not original, and often it’s not very good. So, that brings me to the question raised by the statistics that WordPress presents to me when I look at my blog every few months to try and work out why it exists and what it’s purpose is. Here are those statistics now…

As you can see in the graph, people are reading my blog, even though I haven’t put up anything new in about three months. On most days, more than five people look at my blog. In the past week, 10 people have looked at an article I cobbled together which includes videos from youtube, infographic I pinched from somewhere, and some information copied from Wikipedia. I find this concerning.

Who are these people? Robots? People with visual impairments? Scott? And why has the internet reached such a stage that people feel that useful or entertaining information can be gained from visiting this particular website (i.e. this one). If you are one of these people, perhaps you should leave a comment below, explaining your actions.


8 thoughts on “Who are you and why are you reading this blog?

  1. Probably robots. Or people finding it by Google search (who subsequently realise it’s not what they’re looking for). And me.

    Also, you made a typographic error: there is an “it’s” that should be an “its”.

  2. Ha ha. Apart from Brad and I (I guess we both check in every so often to see what odd thing you’ve put up lately) they probably are robots. On my blog I have four types of readers. 1. People I know, who read my blog because I post things on facebook telling them to. 2. People whose blogs I read and comment on, who then check out mine and sometimes even like it. 3. People who do a google search on something I’ve posted on and end up at my site. This especially happens when I write about something obscure – I guess if I write about something hot and topical my post gets drowned in all the more popular things that show up on google. 4. Robots who link to my site from sites like “improve your golf swing” and “online degree”. These are probably the ones who also occasionally leave me spam. I have a suspicious number of readers from Russia who in a past era would probably be spiexs but now I guess they’re just mafiosi.

    • Surely your blog gets more views than mine. Maybe yours just needs more time for the robots to find it. I’ve had mine for a while but don’t put much up, so it might just be the time factor…

      • Yeah I actually don’t know how many views I get… blogger is a bit confusing. Apparently I got 7 views today and 20 yesterday and 455 last month and 7109 of all time, but like you, I assume mostly just bots. I find comments more reliable and I’ve only ever got comments from people I know. I was just being… err… weird in the last post.

        One thing that is interesting… I seem to get a lot more views when I put the title of the blog in Japanese. I’ve done this twice and those two blog posts have the most views by far… 249 and 133 views, followed by the Englishly titled 62 then 40… Also interesting is that these views don’t seem to be coming from Japan… Japan isn’t even listed… most views from Australia and USA. I assume this is because I’m using hiragana and katakana, not kanji…

        136 views from Israel.

        Gee… talk about talking about myself.

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