Top 10 Things

Often I spend way too long researching things before I buy them. As a result, when I do buy them, they’re usually pretty awesome. Anyway, here’s a list of things I recommend…

Knives – Kiwi Brand

The expensive Furi knife that we got for our wedding was okay initially, but it kind of sucks compared to our very cheap (e.g. $10), very sharp Kiwi Brand knife. You can buy one from most Asian grocers (e.g., in the Valley or Darra near the train station). Apparently they’re the knives that Asian chefs usually use. Thanks Dave C for putting us on to this one…

Home Internet and Phone – Mynetfone

I challenge you to find a cheaper deal for an internet and phone (VOIP) connection. Once you take into account set up fees and hardware fees, Mynetfone always comes out on top. They use Optus cables, so service quality and speed should be the same as Optus, and their customer service is good (based in Sydney, however, at the moment I think it’s not available on weekends).

Mobile Phone – LiveConnected

At the moment LiveConnected have a month-by-month plan (i.e., you can cancel at any time) for $10.99/month for $450 of credit (that’s a value/cost ratio of 40.95 – $40 for everyone $1 you spend). Reading the Whirlpool forums, it seems that people who have problems with this company don’t really understand how mobile phones work or aren’t good at browsing webpages or sending help tickets, but other than that LiveConnected appears to have a solid reputation – 11,000 likes on Facebook means at least some people don’t hate them. Also, their website it less ugly than TPG. We’re planning on switching once our contract run out with Optus (at the moment we’re paying $19/month for $70 of credit – that’s a value/cost ratio of 3.68)

Bank Accounts – Bankwest and Citibank

Bankwest Hero Transaction Account – no account keeping fees if you deposit $2000/month, 5% interest on the first $5000 in the account, debit mastercard access, and the opportunity for linked online savers with 5% interest (Telenet Saver) or 7% interest if you deposit at least $50/month and don’t withdraw anything (Regular Saver). I haven’t seen any bank offer a better interest rate than 7% for any product, including term deposits.

Citibank Plus Transaction Account – no account keeping fees, but also average interest rates. The main benefit of this account is the the Visa debit card that can be used anywhere in the world for free – no atm fees and no conversion fees from Citibank (although you may have to pay the local atm fee). As far as I can tell, this is the best card for travelling overseas. In terms of rates and fees, it’s as good as a 28 degrees card, but it’s not a credit card so they can’t sneakily take your money. We’re getting one for our next trip.

First Home Saver Account

Table Tennis Table

We bought ours from Ksports eBay store – it’s sturdy and professional looking and heaps cheaper than in the shops. And it keeps getting cheaper – this table tennis table is only $119!

Build your own computer with parts from Umart

Computer programs you should have


2 thoughts on “Top 10 Things

  1. Why is Foxit better than Adobe?

    And do you really think anti-virus is worthwhile? I mean, if you don’t use torrent or download porn and stuff?

    • Adobe = 48MB download, Foxit = 7MB download, so with Adobe there’s all this other stuff that just does nothing or gets in the way of things. Also, nerds reckon that Foxit is quicker and doesn’t bloat your computer, and Foxit has stuff like tabs and highlighting and you can write notes on pdfs.

      I think you still need an antivirus program, even if you’re not doing anything suspect, because sometimes using USBs across computers can cause infections (but using Dropbox might avoid this problem), and for when you’re buying Sildenafil citrate online, and maybe just being on the internet generally. But if you’re using Ubuntu, then you don’t need an antivirus program.

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