Computer programs you should have

This is a list of programs that I think you should have on your computer. Sometimes I forget what some of them are when I’m re-installing Windows or if I accidentally remove something (I don’t think this has ever happened), so I’m putting the list on the internet. Why don’t I just write down a list and keep it to myself? I don’t know. Maybe it would get lost.

All these programs are free and ethically sourced (probably). Any other programs you think I should add to my list or want to recommend? Oh, and I’m not sure what you should do it you have a Mac. Maybe you should throw it away.

Mozilla Firefox
Google Chrome – Slightly faster than Firefox, but it doesn’t store my my.uq password…

Avast! – Small, fast, and effective anti-virus program that is easy to use and looks good. I like it better than the other two main competitors in the free anti-virus world: AVG (less annoying adds and more visually appealing) and Avira (which was very ugly, and I couldn’t work out what was going on).

Optional – Malwarebyte’s Anti-Malware (if your computer get’s something bad that Avast doesn’t get rid off)

Foxit Reader – This program is a lot smaller in file size than Adobe, and uses up less of your memory, so it’s faster to open and view pdf files. It also lets you add comments and highlight text in pdf files.

LibreOffice (No, it’s not as good as MS Office, but it is a lot cheaper)
Dropbox – This program automatically syncs files from your home computer to the internet. You can then access the files from any computer with an internet browser. I can’t believe I haven’t been using this program sooner, because I’ve been spending time automatically saving documents to several locations as a backup. Use this link (or the one above), and you’ll get an extra 250MB of storage free (on top of the 2GB storage provided. Also, I’ll get an extra 250MB for referring you!).

Images and Editing
GIMP – This is pretty much a free version of Adobe Photoshop CS3 or perhaps CS2. It doesn everything Photoshop does, but it’s just a bit less polished.

CCleaner – Run this once a month to help your computer start-up faster.
Optional – WinRar (for dealing with .zip and .rar files)




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